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Not My Son

Not MY Son By Gail R. Jackson, Editor  No doubt protestors in America are outraged over the decisions by our justice system not to indict white police officers who were involved in several shootings and killings of unarmed African-American males.  So am I.  Words alone can’t express my anger. Every time a killing has occurred, […]

What are You Thankful For?

What are You Thankful For?   By KaJa J. Dilosa, age 9   Okay, it`s November and Thanksgiving is close, so I’ve been thinking about what I’m grateful for.  I also interviewed some special people in my life to find out what they are thankful for, and this is what they said.  First let`s start […]


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Make Someone’s Wish Come True

  Make Someone’s Wish Come True By Gail R. Jackson   Recently on a television talk show, a young man was being interviewed by three women.  Seeming to be just another kid to me, their body language indicated something different.  They were fascinated by what this boy had to say, and it was obvious to […]

Mr. and Mrs. Batiste

Mr. and Mrs. Batiste   Lisha Davis Batiste proudly says, “I met him on Franklin Street in Gretna!”  “Wrong.” says Vernon.  She goes into a schoolgirl blush and covers her face as her husband details the correct story of how they first met. Mr. Vernon Eugene Batiste, Sr. met his wife Lisha at a football […]

The Power of Pink

The Power of Pink By Gail R. Jackson, Editor   The color pink is overwhelmingly everywhere.  This month, all shades of pink are showing up in the most unusual places.  Corporate buildings illuminate pink,  and football & basketball players wear it proudly.  A color most popular in the spring, yet every October, pink has a […]

Mr. and Mrs. Bridges

Mr. and Mrs. Bridges   Listening to the Bridges sing the lyrics to their song (the William Bell classic “I Forgot to Be a Lover”) to each other, “…. have I told you lately that I love you…..if I didn’t then darling I’m sorry….” leaves no doubt the romance and love is stronger than ever […]

Mr. and Mrs. Victor

Mr. and Mrs. Victor   Mr. and Mrs. Larry Victor will celebrate 32 years of marriage on November 26.  “We were married on Thanksgiving Day right in the living room!” says Mrs. Victor.  She adds, “I was so nervous.  I was crying, my brother (who gave me away) was crying.  It truly was a beautiful […]

Mr. and Mrs. Refuge

Mr. and Mrs. Refuge The Refuges are proof that when God has designed a mate for you, He will ultimately lead you to that mate if you let Him take control.  Lawrence Michael met his future wife at an Exxon station in New Orleans where she was working. He says, “This beautiful attendant stepped from […]