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Mr. and Mrs. Batiste

Mr. and Mrs. Batiste   Lisha Davis Batiste proudly says, “I met him on Franklin Street in Gretna!”  “Wrong.” says Vernon.  She goes into a schoolgirl blush and covers her face as her husband details the correct story of how they first met. Mr. Vernon Eugene Batiste, Sr. met his wife Lisha at a football […]

Mr. and Mrs. Bridges

Mr. and Mrs. Bridges   Listening to the Bridges sing the lyrics to their song (the William Bell classic “I Forgot to Be a Lover”) to each other, “…. have I told you lately that I love you…..if I didn’t then darling I’m sorry….” leaves no doubt the romance and love is stronger than ever […]

Mr. and Mrs. Victor

Mr. and Mrs. Victor   Mr. and Mrs. Larry Victor will celebrate 32 years of marriage on November 26.  “We were married on Thanksgiving Day right in the living room!” says Mrs. Victor.  She adds, “I was so nervous.  I was crying, my brother (who gave me away) was crying.  It truly was a beautiful […]

Mr. and Mrs. Refuge

Mr. and Mrs. Refuge The Refuges are proof that when God has designed a mate for you, He will ultimately lead you to that mate if you let Him take control.  Lawrence Michael met his future wife at an Exxon station in New Orleans where she was working. He says, “This beautiful attendant stepped from […]

Rev. and Mrs. McQuarter

Rev. and Mrs. McQuarter A little juke joint in Woodville, Mississippi brought Elizabeth Fountain and Rev. Lilton McQuarter together. “Mother sent me to get her a quart of beer,” says Mrs. McQuarter. Rev. McQuarter recalled that he was sitting on the porch of the juke joint and she came up the steps looking good in […]

Mr. and Mrs. Cole

Mr. & Mrs. Cole   Togetherness is the main vein of the Cole marriage.  Herbert and Helen’s paths were destined to cross before they were even born.  “Our mothers used the same midwife, so our families grew up very close.”  Herbert jokingly adds, “She’s from the country (Jonestown), I’m from the city (6th Street it […]

Mr. and Mrs. Celestin, Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. Celestin, Sr.  “Come and grow old with me; the best is yet to be!” is the quote that keeps Mr. and Mrs. Oliver R. Celestin, Sr. on common ground.  The Celestins will celebrate 41 years of marriage on June 17.  The Fischer Projects natives officially met at a quarter party when Mr. […]

Mr. and Mrs. Poche’

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Poche’ Anthony Poché met the former Monica Marie Paul in Vacherie where she lived with her grandmother.   Anthony was 16 and she was 14.  He saw Monica from time to time when his family traveled to the country to visit family.  Monica later moved to Marrero and attended John Ehret High […]

Mr. & Mrs. Scott

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Marrero natives Barbara Hensley Scott and John Scott, Sr. will celebrate 49 years of marriage next month!  Mr. Scott married the former Barbara Gail Hensley on June 28, 1964.  “We met at a dance in a bar,” says Mrs. Scott as she gushes with girl-like shyness.  “I was only 17 when […]

Mr. and Mrs. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Jones Timothy and Linda Jones have been making sweet music together for 42 years!  Lincoln High School provided the backdrop for the meeting of these two lovebirds!  “I just walked right up to him in the bandroom and kissed him!”  says Mrs. Jones.  She adds, “I was waiting for my twin sister […]