Mr. and Mrs. Victor

Mr. and Mrs. Victor


Victor(3)Mr. and Mrs. Larry Victor will celebrate 32 years of marriage on November 26.  “We were married on Thanksgiving Day right in the living room!” says Mrs. Victor.  She adds, “I was so nervous.  I was crying, my brother (who gave me away) was crying.  It truly was a beautiful day.  Nobody wanted to go home!”  Mr. Victor met his wife Dorothy while taking her to clean off her parents’ grave in Opelousas.  “My sister and her friend knew Larry.  The said he would be happy to take me to clean my parents’ grave and that they would tag along.  On the way back, I ended up in the front seat with Larry.  The rest is history!” says Mrs. Victor.  Their song is “We Both Deserve Each Other’s Love” by Jeffery Osborne.  The Victors’ marriage is deeply rooted in their faith in God.  Their advice to younger couples is “Keep God first.  Take everything to Him in prayer.  This is a partnership.  Don’t give up and don’t let the sun go down with you being angry.  Communication is key, without it you have nothing.”  Mrs. Victor adds, “Learn to compromise.  You don’t always have to be right.  Keep it fun and exciting.  Never let things get dull.  Do things out of the ordinary sometimes.”  The Victors share in each other’s passions to keep the fire burning in their marriage.  “She LOVES movies!” says Mr. Victor.  Ms. Dorothy jokingly adds, “I keep a tablet.  One column says “theatre”, and one column says “DVD” to let me know what I need to go see at the theatre and what DVDs I need to buy!”  She also adds, “Larry LOVES my cooking and sports.  I’m slowly warming up to it.  I’ve been watching some of the games.”  Mr. Larry says, “She also loves the many surprise gifts and the jewelry I buy for her.”  The Victors are true soulmates.  “Whatever hurts him, hurts me.  I can read him by his facial expressions.  He doesn’t have to say a word.”  Says Ms. Dorothy.  She adds, “I fell in love with him because he was always there.  He met all of my needs.  No matter what was going on with me or my family, Larry was there.”  Mr. Larry says, “I fell in love with my wife because first of all, you can see she is a beautiful lady.  She was so nice.  She never got smart.  Even when we had minor disagreements, she never stayed angry long. She was so kind.”  Mrs. Victor adds, “I never did like arguments.  I don’t like to argue.  It makes me nervous.  We can talk problems out and communicate.”  Mr. Larry jokes, “She likes to talk.  When I used to come home from work, I’d sit in the same spot and she would give me a full report of the whole day.”  Ms. Dorothy adds, “That’s right, and then I would want him to tell me about what happened with him during his day!”   Mr. Victor proudly says, “God has truly blessed this marriage.  We have not had any major trials or tribulations.  A lot of people can’t say that!”  The Victors attend First Agape Baptist Church.  They have 4 children, 10 grandchildren, and 17 great-grandchildren.


  • Myrna Vincent says:

    To God Be The Glory ,We thank GOD for this couple a true blessing of what marriage is they are a blessing in First Agape Church and we pray with them as GOD continues to bless this union we pray HIS love,wisdom ,and peace as they continue to walk in faith on there journey of love.We love you.MR.AND MRS. LARRY VICTOR

    The Vincent family

  • Larry Victor, Jr. says:

    These are my parents, and I truly love them both. I pray that I can have a mate that fits me as good as they fit each other!

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