Make Someone’s Wish Come True


Make Someone’s Wish Come True

By Gail R. Jackson


Gail11Recently on a television talk show, a young man was being interviewed by three women.  Seeming to be just another kid to me, their body language indicated something different.  They were fascinated by what this boy had to say, and it was obvious to me that they were deeply touched by his story.  It got my undivided attention so I stopped what I was doing and watched.

The young African-American teenager told the talk show hosts that he asked his pastor if he could come up and address the congregation; his wish was granted.   From the pulpit, he gave a heartfelt plea explaining how his mother died in prison when he was very young and he has been living in foster homes most of his life.  The teenager asked if someone would adopt him.  “All I want is for someone to love me,” he said.  As of this date, hundreds of people have applied to adopt the teenager.

That young man’s request took my breath away and presented a different perspective in my life.  Because of his situation and the fact that it’s Thanksgiving time, I wondered what children generally thought about the meaning of Thanksgiving, so I posed the question to my little granddaughter, and her story follows entitled “What are You Thank For.”

The finer things in life, i.e., designer clothes, five-star restaurants, private schools, IPhones and IPads, attending  sporting events, travel and other luxuries have become the norm for many of us.  However, basic needs for so many others, i.e., food and drinkable water, warm clothing, and yes, a family to come home to, ARE other people’s luxuries.

While this holiday season, many teenagers will be expecting electronics, expensive shoes and clothes, even cars, the only prayer of hundreds of others kids in foster care is to simply have someone who loves them and a family in which to come home.

I urge everyone to take some time and reflect on what is truly important, and how you can make someone’s wish come true, especially this holiday season.


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