Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is Fellowship Journal affiliated with or owned by any specific church, denomination, or association? No.  FJ is not owned, controlled, or managed by any church, denomination or association.  Instead, we’re open to the body of Christ.  That means we are inclusive; every race, every church, every denomination, and every association is welcome.
  2. How often is FJ published?  Monthly, on the third Sunday.
  3. Can any church submit information for publication?  Any “registered” church can submit information through the pastor or designated person(s).  Please call our office at 504-341-4238 to register or for more information.
  4. What is the deadline for submissions?  The second Sunday of each month for print articles and the Friday before the second Sunday for advertisements.
  5. Can any business or person advertise in FJ?  Yes, any business or person can advertise.  (A few exceptions apply.)
  6. What is the cost to advertise?  Please call our office at 504-341-4238 or email us at fellowshipjournal@hotmail.com for rates.
  7. Does FJ accept donations?  Yes.  Donations can be sent to:  P.O .Box 1398, Marrero, LA  70073.  Any donations are truly appreciated.

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